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Cycling Shorts

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Sweat in style with our women's cycling shorts. These shorts are designed to keep you comfortable during even the toughest workouts, but look just as great under a tee or sweatshirt for that laid-back, low-key look. Balancing functionality and fashion, Gymshark biker shorts come in breathable, sweat-wicking materials and a range of colours and designs to keep you looking and feeling cool.

10 Products
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    Women's Biker & Cycling Shorts

    Shop Women’s Biker Shorts

    A functional item of clothing that that became a trend piece and is now a wardrobe staple, the humble biker short can effortlessly take you from a bike ride or gym workout to a festival or party.

    Available in an array of colours and styles, from black biker shorts and white biker shorts to neon’s and pastels, there is plenty to choose from. You can even find graphics, patterns, and prints too, for the days when you’re feeling something that stands out a little more.

    Our Training Cycling shorts are a wardrobe essential, combining flattering designs with sweat wicking fabrics. Whilst Adapt takes things up a notch with seamless technology and eye-catching textures, Elevate and Pause prioritise comfort with softness and stretch that makes them perfect for rest day too.

    What are biker shorts?

    Biker shorts, also known as cycling shorts, are shorts that are designed to support your performance when riding a bike. But their functional features also make them a brilliant piece of clothing for all types of workouts. These form-fitting shorts create a smooth and aerodynamic fit, plus their figure-hugging fabrics stay fixed in place to reduce chafing as well as the risk of material getting in the way. Meaning you can enjoy a workout free from distractions, allowing you to focus on the road or trail ahead.

    Cycling shorts also have a secure waistband, keeping them fixed in place, and are usually longer than many gym shorts, sitting at around 7” or 9”. Bike shorts have risen in popularity for so much more than just bike riding, due to their design that allows them to stay fixed in place, as well as workout friendly materials that keep you cool and dry. This makes them ideal for gym workouts, yoga sessions and sports too.

    Their flattering design has been a key reason why you might often see bike shorts worn to parties, concerts or festivals. Across our range, you can find high waists and elasticated waistbands for a sculpting fit, as well as added features such as ruched bum detailing that accentuates the glutes. You can also find features such as pockets, yes you heard that right, biker shorts with pockets, so you can keep your belongings on you safely.

    Difference between normal shorts and Cycling shorts

    Biker shorts are designed for sports. They are usually created with breathable and sweat wicking materials to keep you feeling fresh and dry when bike riding or working out on a warm day, and might have features such as elasticated waistbands and fitted legs to keep them firm in place. A pair of women’s biker shorts will help keep you comfortable with minimal distractions, so you can focus on going the distance. Whereas normal shorts could come with any type of material, some may not be breathable, some might become rough and scratchy as you cycle, or some could even become soaked and heavy with sweat as you make your way through your workout. We always recommend wearing cycling shorts or gym shorts for your workout.

    How to style biker shorts

    As always, how you style your bike shorts is totally up to you. However, we have a few favourites that pair perfectly with biker shorts. A trending look is biker shorts paired with an oversized tee, long socks and trainers, throw a bag over the top and you have the perfect comfy-casual look for walking the dog or grabbing a coffee with friends.

    When bike riding, we love cycling shorts with a t-shirt or jacket, to keep you protect you from the elements outside. Or in the gym, our biker shorts go great with a matching socks and trainers, throw a sports bra to create a full biker short outfit. You could also throw a hoodie over the top for when travelling to and from the gym.

    Biker shorts are super versatile, they can be easily dressed up or down, are comfy enough to wear on a rest day at home whilst being stylish and flattering enough to wear out and about.

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