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Running Shorts

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Level up your running game with Gymshark's women's running shorts. Crafted with lightweight materials and quick-drying fabrics, our shorts provide the perfect blend of comfort and performance. With anti-chafing designs and versatile styles, these shorts are your go-to for both intense runs and casual jogs. Choose from flattering styles that support your stride and keep you stylish mile after mile.

7 Products
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    Running Shorts for Women

    Women’s Running shorts

    Our collection of running shorts for women has something for everyone, whether you’re working your way up to a 5k or training for an ultra-marathon. Our women’s shorts for running have been designed with comfort, functionality and style in mind. With features and materials that will help you achieve that new PB. Shop running shorts for women in a range of lengths, including the popular 3” and 5”. You can also choose from a range of colours and styles, you may go for wardrobe staples such as grey or black running shorts, or you might want to express your style with a pop of colour or print.

    Lightweight materials offer a barely-there feel, limiting distractions and helping you move freely with every stride, whilst sweat-wicking materials help to draw sweat away from your skin, keeping you feeling cool and dry. We know how important it is to have breathable running shorts and adequate ventilation, as this can be the difference between you crushing your run or not enjoying it at all. Our running shorts are designed to be breathable, even when you are struggling for breath.

    On many of our women’s running shorts you can find drawcord waistbands, which help you adjust the waistband to get the perfect fit, so your shorts will stay firmly in place and you don’t need to worry about them slipping down with each stride. Another benefit of the adjustable drawcord is that you can change the fit, if you’re feeling bloated you can loosen slightly and you won’t have the waistband digging in, keeping you comfortable.

    Look out for design features that really take things up a notch. You might find details such as as reflective branding which can make you more visible when running at night, or pockets that allow you to store your essential items, such as earphones, keys and even your phone, hands-free.

    What type of shorts are best for running?

    You might be wondering, with all the women’s running shorts available, which are best shorts for running? Well, it really comes down to your personal preference.

    Some people prefer the fit of tight running shorts, as they sit like second skin and stay fixed in place, which means they can help to reduce chafing. Alternatively, loose shorts can offer a little more airflow between the material and your skin. Loose shorts also offer a little bit more coverage by not hugging your shape as much as tight shorts. If you still can’t decide between the two, then you might find that 2-in-1 shorts are perfect, as they combine an inner pair of fitted shorts with an outer looser pair, giving you the coverage of loose shorts whilst the inner pair helps stop the material from rubbing against your skin.

    Short shorts, such as 3”-5”, can be quite popular when it comes to running. This is because there is less material around the legs so can be less restrictive, offering more freedom of movement. The 2-in-1 running shorts also come in handy here too, if you’re not quite comfortable wearing short shorts, as the pair of inner shorts provides that extra layer of cover.

    How to wear women’s running shorts

    We love our women’s running shorts paired with a running shirt,which makes the perfect outfit for running on a warm day. Alternatively, on a chillier day, you can layer up by wearing a pair of leggings underneath the shorts or with a running jacket or gilet over the top.

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